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Did you know...

  • The world record for an overall jackpot was set in December 1999 at $1.2bn (750m) by Spain's El Gordo, meaning the Fat One.  But the Spanish lottery is also the world's easiest - it spreads the prize pool among thousands of winners, with a one in six chance of winning something.

  • In Poker, a pair of Aces and eights is called the dead man's hand - so name because this is the hand that Wild Bill Hickok was holding when shot dead.

  • Richard Nixon financed his first congressional run with poker winnings won in the South Pacific during WWII.. 

  • Blackjack is the only game that affords players the opportunity to play with a mathematical edge over the house.

  • Shrimp consumption in Las Vegas is more than 60,000 pounds a day -- higher than the rest of the country combined!

  • Casino cheats are often referred to by casinos as 'crossroads'

  • Players who chase their losses are sometimes referred to as 'steamers' , 'pigeons; or 'plungers'.

  • The largest slot machine payout is $39,713,982.25 (25,361,761), won by a 25-year-old software engineer from Los Angeles after putting in $100 (64) in the Megabucks slot machine at the Excalibur Hotel Casino on March 21, 2003.

  • Nearly 76% of men and 68% of women gambled in the Uk over the past year. 75% of teenagers gamble.

  • A 1910 law made it illegal to gamble in Las Vegas

  • Over 100,000 people play poker at the Bellagio in Las Vegas each year

  • Gambling became legalized in Las Vegas in 1931- until then a 1910 law had expressly made it illegal to gamble in Las Vegas

  • Boulder City, located a few miles southeast of Las Vegas, is the only town in Nevada that prohibits gambling.

  • On 1 June, Joachim M. won the biggest online slot jackpot ever... $1,779,827 playing Major Millions slots at Jackpot City Online Casino

  • 20% of the worlds 'high intensity' electronic gaming machines are located in Australia.

  • The highest gross gaming revenue generated by the casinos and entertainment complexes of a city in a year is US$7,673,134,286 (5,416,584,982) by Las Vegas, Nevada, USA in 2000.

  • The odds of getting an Ace high Royal Flush in a 5 card (no wild) poker deal is 650,000 to 1.

  • The odds of getting four of a kind in a 5 card (no wild) poker deal is 4,000 to 1.

  • The odds of winning powerball in:
    - the US : 1 in 80,089,128
    - Australia : 1 in 54,979,155

  • The odds of winning the British, Canadian, French or Spanish (Pimera) lotto's are the same : 1 in 13,983,816

  • The odds of winning the Spanish Pimera are 1 in 13,983,816.

  • Australian adults, on average, spend more money each year on gambling (losses not turnover) than on sporting activities or cultural and entertainment activities.

  • 40% of all Australians gamble at least once per week.


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