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Caribbean stud rules
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PaiGow Poker  ::  Video Poker  ::  Caribbean Stud poker  ::  Slots

Just looking for a bit of fun? Caribbean Stud Poker is exciting and easy to play, but don’t expect great returns. 

The game

Players place the initial bet or ‘ante’ before being dealt 5 cards all face up. The dealer also receives a hand of 5 cards, however only 1 of these cards is face up. Players have the choice to either fold or stay in the game. 

Players who fold lose their ante. 

Players who choose to stay must raise their ante by betting two times the original bet. 

When all players have made their choices, the dealer will turn the 4 face-down cards over.

The dealer must qualify for the game to continue, that is, they must have either an Ace or a King in their hand. If the dealer qualifies, the players’ and dealer’s hands are compared and the highest one wins (using normal poker rankings). If the dealer fails to qualify, the players that chose to stay in the game will win even money on their ante. The raise is pushed (returned to the player). If the dealer wins, the players lose both their ante and the raise. If a player’s hand wins, they receive even money on the ante plus odds on the pushed wager. 

The payoff depends on the hand. This is summarized in the table below.





An Ace or a King in the hand

1 to 1


Two cards of equal value in the hand

1 to 1

Two pair

Two pairs in the hand

2 to 1

Three of a kind

Three cards of the same value in the hand

3 to 1


Five consecutive cards in the hand

4 to 1


Five cards of the same suit

5 to 1

Full House

Three cards of equal value and a pair

7 to 1

Four of a kind

Four cards of the same value

20 to 1

Straight Flush

Five consecutive cards of the same suit

50 to 1

Royal Flush

A, K, Q, J and 10 – all in the same suit

100 to 1

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