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Roulette is one of those games that so many gamblers seem to have a fool-proof, guaranteed to win system.  the most common is the Martingale (or double-up) system. The system works as follows:

  • pick a color, black or red and place your initial bet.

  • if you win, start again (ie with the same bet), if you lose, double your stake on the next bet.

  • if your next bet wins, start again (ie with the original bet amount), if you lose, double-up again

  • and so on until you finally win.

The premise of the strategy is that eventually your color must come up, and when it does,  you recoup all losses in the sequence, thus guaranteeing winnings.

There are a couple of fundamental flaws inherent in the system that brings many a player unstuck though. The first is that your bet stake rises rapidly when you double up, and it may be that you reach a point where you can double up no more because you either run out of money, or hit the table limit.  When this happens you are in the hole big time!

Secondly, an often forgotten fact is that while the odds of the housing hitting a single color many times in a row may be very low, the odds of it landing on a given color for each spin is pretty high. ie each spin is an independent event.

All this aside, Roulette is a pretty good paying game, a low house ege.

Best of Luck!

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